Best of The Bruce – Georgian Bay Trail

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

To research the best sections of the Bruce Trail I drove to the northern end – Bruce Peninsula National Park (established 1987).

My first visit.

Very popular. Well run. Rangers gave me good information on hiking.

There’s a tall viewing platform just outside the Visitor Centre.

“A sea of forest.”

I come from western Canada. The wild west is the best. The east … is not. More often than not I refer to this Province as On-terrible.

Still, I was excited to finally get on to the most famous hiking trail in the most populous Province.

Pretty much every visitor heads directly to the Cyprus Lake trailhead.

I did one of the standard short loops – Georgian Bay Trail out, Mar Lake Trail back.

It’s pretty. But pretty crowded. I didn’t stop long at any of the recommended stops.

See my photos on Flickr.

The Bruce Trail is more than 890 km (550 mi) long and there are over 400 km (250 mi) of associated side trails. I spent a week hiking some of the best sections.


• 10 Best Hikes of the Bruce Trail

• Bruce Trail app | Bruce Trail Reference Guide – 29th Ed


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