Garibaldi Lake hike, Whistler B.C.

• 7.5km to Taylor Meadows campground one way
• 920m elevation gain to Garibaldi Lake
• #1 hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park
• option to climb Black Tusk

I tented free north of Whistler on the river at the Wedgemount turn-off.

After a Tim Horton’s stop, I drove south to the easily accessible, always crowded, Rubble Creek parking lot trailhead.

Minutes after starting up the switchbacks you can no longer hear highway traffic. The big trees of the temperate rain forest are tranquil.

It’s a long easy climb to Taylor Meadows campsite. I had a choice of platform or gravel pad choosing the gravel since it was dry.

You must book online or by phone. I paid C$16.30 total.

After touring the large campsite and some relaxation time in the tent, I headed up towards Black Tusk, another 5km up and up.

The trails are excellent.

Many come for the wildflowers.

Nice. But I’d recommend they book a trip to the Rockies instead. Waterton National Park, for example.

I love alpine meadows. These are terrific.

There’s the big attraction.

At this point I was still considering trying the summit. A 100m scramble up a chute, easier up than down. Weather was perfect for it.

Though this hike is called Garibaldi Lake, I didn’t actually get to the lake.

I could have called it the Black Tusk Viewpoint hike.

Here’s the final approach to the Viewpoint.

People were up top.

One group coming down told me they’d started up the chute and climbed most of the way up … before opting to descend. Sketchy was their opinion.

It was late in the afternoon. So I decided to stop here at the Viewpoint.

I have an excuse to return.

So … I enjoyed the unbelievable vista around Garibaldi Lake. Then headed back to camp with plenty of daylight to spare.

See all my high resolution photos on flickr.

For more information click over to Outdoor Vancouver – Garibaldi Lake Hike near Whistler

See MUCH better photos on

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