McGonagall Pass – Denali

Sean Tevebaugh:

A tough trip in 3 nights, 4+ nights is recommended for easier and more relaxed hiking …

… we were lucky enough to have bluebird days all 4 days!

Routefinding can be challenging as this hike has many social trails woven through the rugged tundra. There is one (unmarked) trail that is most often used and offers the fastest hiking, but is tough to follow and easy to lose track of at times.

This hike involves a crossing of the McKinley River, a potentially very dangerous river crossing! It’s crucial to be informed and prepared for this river crossing- knowledge of advanced river crossing techniques, the best current crossing routes, as well as current weather & water level conditions is all critical info for a safe crossing.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Read an excellent trip report.

NPS site

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