Lost Coast Trail, California

UPDATE – King Range National Conservation Area:

As of January 9th, 2017, all permits for backcountry camping within the wilderness area of King Range will be exclusively available through www.recreation.gov.

Reservations are now $10 per permit. There is now a quota system attached to use of the area, which allows for 60 entries per day during the peak hiking season (May 15-Sept. 15) and 30 entries per day during the non-peak season (Sept 16-May 14).  Day hikes, as well as camping at the designated campgrounds outside of wilderness do not require a permit.


Kraig Becker linked to this fantastic trip report by filmmaker Ryan Commons. It combines text, photos, video and music in a way to inspire.

Click PLAY or watch the long edit on Vimeo.

I’m impressed they did it in December. The weather is risky. In fact, they had to make a grueling evacuation over the mountains, then run 18mi to reach their parked vehicle the same day.


Before you try the Lost Coast in winter, check current trail conditions on the official BLM website.

… The Lost Coast Trail is a spectacular hike along northern California’s Pacific Coast. The trail is roughly 25 miles in length, running from Shelter Cove to Mattole Beach, and is only accessible by a few narrow, twisty roads. It is a rugged, lightly traveled route that alternates from Pacific beaches to mountain passes, with more than 8000 feet of elevation gain over the course of its length …

read more – Gadling

6 Replies to “Lost Coast Trail, California”

  1. That looks like an awesome hike. Probably something we would do when the girls are older.

    Do any of your readers have experience hiking with kids? Maybe you want to tell them about our site.

  2. One of my favorite treks, I did a loop version a couple years ago in January because I couldn’t set up a shuttle. It’s was pretty awesome with both a summit view and beach hike. We didn’t see another soul the entire time except a car pulling up when we left.

    Couple other things to be aware of is the tide table so you’d get stranded and stream levels in the spring if you are doing the loop.

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