Turkey’s Lycian Way – day 2

2017 trip report by site editor Rick McCharles – day 2 / 6

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I was excited to get to the famous Lycian landmark lighthouse today. Happily the trail this day was well marked. I was hiking up and over to Adrasan.

Most of the Likya Yolu signage is the traditional European paint.

It’s easy to get lost on this Trail. If you can’t find paint you (reluctantly) follow stone cairns put together by past hikers.

It was a steep, stony climb. Up and up.

Aren’t lighthouses down on the ocean?

Here was my first view.

Actually, that’s not the lighthouse.

It’s here, way up high.

This is a popular campsite. At least 10 people had tented overnight.

Personally I was turned off. The place is filthy. The water supply questionable.

Turks are litterbugs. I’d seen that in town. And it seems there’s nobody responsible for carrying out trash.

I left quickly.

It is a lovely bit of the Mediterranean, however. Up and up.

First on the trail today I was breaking through plenty of spider webs. The odd tent caterpillar too.

At a tranquil lunch spot I left a Summit Stone.

I was pleased to have seen no mosquitoes. Very few insects of any kind, in fact.

Much of this day was in the trees. I was neither too hot nor too sun baked.

The water is lovely. Views from up high stunning.

Flowers seem to have bloomed long ago.

I found the day challenging with near constant climbs and descents on rough trails.

The last 5km to town were a pleasure. I was happy to reach the beach town of Adrasan.

Adrasan is a holiday town full of tourists in the Summer. It was dead the night I was there. Tourism is down in 2017 due to the many bad headlines in the news. For example PRESIDENT shuts down Wikipedia.

I picked one of dozens of pensions because their restaurant was propped up over the river.

After a couple of hot showers, I tucked into lamb dinner.

My cabin with very AC and breakfast cost me US$27. Turkey is very inexpensive. And good value.

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