climbing Mt. Wrightson, Arizona

Mount Wrightson is a 9,456-foot (2,882 m) peak in the Santa Rita Mountains within the Coronado National Forest, in southern Arizona …

The mountain is known for the spectacular view from its barren peak, nearly 7,000 feet (2,100 m) feet above Tucson. …

Mount Wrightson from Madera Canyon.
Mount Wrightson from Madera Canyon.

There are two main trails to the summit, and they cross each other twice, making a figure “8”. The Old Baldy Trail is the shorter of the two at 10.8 miles roundtrip. The Super Trail is the other one and is about 14 miles long roundtrip. …

Wrightson can be climbed any time of the year due to the great trail conditions. However, be prepared for wintery weather at the summit, especially during spring and fall when the valley below is temperate. You will encounter snow from fall through early spring.

As a testament to its dangers, there’s a memorial at Josephine Saddle (the first saddle where the two trails meet) for three unlucky boy scouts who perished there in a freak winter storm in November 1958. …


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