Peralta Trail #102 to Fremont Saddle, Phoenix

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

I had a half day free to hike. Not sure where to go, I drove up to Peralta trailhead close to Mesa, AZ. Of the many options from the trailhead, this looked best to me.

  • Level: Easy/ Moderate
  • Length: 5 miles
  • Elevation: approx 1300 ft. gain
  • Type: Out and Back

Peralta Trail 102

It was a beautiful day climbing up and along a creek. Here’s the vista on one side.

Peralta Trail 102

And the other side.

Peralta Trail 102

At the Fremont Saddle kids were scrambling the boulders. Moms tried to avert their eyes.

Peralta Trail 102

The most spectacular feature on the other side … Weaver’s Needle. Some people climb it.

Peralta Trail 102


If you have two vehicles, you might want to continue past Fremont Saddle.

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