Lost Mine Trail, Big Bend TX

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Very close to Chisos Basin Campground in Big Bend National Park is the super popular Lost Mine Trail.

  • 4.8 miles return
  • perhaps the best half day hike in the Park
  • starts at 5,650 feet, ends at a dramatic rocky ridge at 6,850 feet

On the way up you can look back to the campsiteLost Mine, Big Bend

Pretty views non-stop.

Lost Mine, Big Bend

Surprisingly large trees.

Lost Mine, Big Bend

This is heaven on a nice day.

Lost Mine, Big Bend

I left a Summit Stone atop this feature. You’ll need to scramble to find it.

Lost Mine, Big Bend

I didn’t spend much time at the end of the ridge. It was too windy.

Lost Mine, Big Bend

There is no Lost Mine I’m afraid. That’s an old legend.

But I do highly recommend this hike. Weather permitting.



2 Replies to “Lost Mine Trail, Big Bend TX”

  1. I wanted to hike that trail last November, but it was temporarily closed because of bear sightings. Will have to catch it next time!

    Love your blog and the photos. 😄

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