hiking Ferry Reach Park, Bermuda

Close to the airport and St. George, I quite enjoyed wandering these trails.


This 64 acres park area is the second largest in Bermuda and has wonderful walking trails, forest areas with endemic plantation, a nice lake, a bay with a lovely beach, and a few historic forts. Other than the sounds of airplanes flying overhead at times, this place has remained as a serene and peaceful parkland over the years. …

img_4414 img_4410

Bermuda Railway Trail passes through the park and goes along the western coast line. …


At the western most tip … Ferry Island which can be accessed from the park on a small wooden bridge. It was in Ferry Island where the ferry dock was built way back in 1600s. Ferries transported people across to the other side known as Coney Island which connects to the main island of Bermuda. For over 250 years, ferry was the only transport that connected St. George with the main island.
It ceased to operate once the Causeway was built in 1871. …
In 1823, Martello Tower came up on the high ground behind the two forts where soldiers could survey the surrounding coastline and the land area. …



A friend told me they had some terrific drinking parties at Martello Tower back in his misspent youth. It’s all locked up now.

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