hiking Spittal Pond, Bermuda

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Bermuda …

It is one of 13 parks or reserves managed by the Bermuda Department of Conservation Services which protects and conserves environmentally critical areas and habitats. …

…unique characteristics such as its lagoon which is permanently brackish, ecology featuring wet grassland and mangrove forests, seasonal shorebirds, other waterbirds and European eels. …

The winter season provides one of the best vistas for visitors walking along the many small trails in the park.

I was there in November. The only visitor on the trail.


I did see feral cats.


Though short, I would say it’s the best hike in Bermuda.

img_3242 img_3233

“Spanish Rock”, (also known as “Portuguese Rock”) a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean with inscriptions of the year 1543 AD … This rock piece has been taken out and replaced by a bronze plaque. …



The only other wildlife I spotted were wild chickens.


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

official website

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