Don’t date a girl who treks

Brown Gal Trekker:

… For she lives life to the fullest

If you cannot catch up to her when she flies

Then don’t think she’d even shed a single tear

If you tell her goodbye

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will go exploring on her own when her heart so desires …

Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks

Click through to read the entire poem. It’s dedicated to all solo (or otherwise) female trekkers of the world.


3 Replies to “Don’t date a girl who treks”

  1. Wow, I’m so very honored. I have followed your blog and upkeep of this site. I have taken over 20 overseas trekking trips and brought with me avid hikers from the DC area (as I’m an organizer for outdoor groups). I couldn’t have done it without your website. You’re one of my sources of trekking inspiration for the past 10 years of organizing treks. To see my piece be noted here is such a wonderful experience. I have loved your site; hence, this is really very touching to me. Thanks and please continue the wonderful passionate work you do to inspire us all about the treks we ought to be taking in every corner of the world!

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