6 Best Hikes Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro may be famous for it’s beaches, but it’s so much more than that- the city is also home to the Tijuca National Forest, the world’s largest urban forest full of hiking trails, breathtaking views and endless rainforest terrain to keep you busy off the beach.

If you’re coming to Rio, you won’t want to miss hiking at least one of these trails so you can see the other half of Rio de Janeiro’s beauty. There’s something for everyone here, so whether you’re a dedicated mountain climber or just a curious traveler ready to wander off the beach for the day, you won’t be disappointed. …

Henry-Dois-Irmaos-Hike-Vidigal-Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-The-Borderless-Project Best-Hikes-Rio-de-Janeiro-The-Borderless-Project

Borderless Project

If you don’t speak Portuguese, logistics are more complicated than expected. Asking a bus driver to let you off at the correct stop not easy. GPS advised.

Hiking is not yet much developed in Brazil. 😦

2 Replies to “6 Best Hikes Rio de Janeiro”

  1. Really nice post. The Pedra do Telegrafo is one of the stunning views of Rio de Janeiro. I recommend to visit very early during the week to scape of the crowds on the weekends and high season (November to March)

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