Sunshine Coast Trail – day 4

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Elk Lake to Lois Main

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I left Elk Hut as early, quickly and quietly as possible. Alex was still sleeping upstairs.


Mice are a problem in some huts. You still need to hang your food.


This would be my last day. I hoped it would be easier hiking, descending back to sea level. And it might have been if I’d not been lost once and diverted twice.


Road building and logging operations are ongoing. It’s not unusual to have to detour around sections of the SCT.

I’d complain more stridently … but one of the detours ended up being a favourite section. Lovely off-trail through temperate rain forest.

Signage is actually very good on this new, rapidly changing trail. But I still wished I’d brought my GPS.


I left a Summit Stone at one lovely creekside lunch spot.


If you can put up with the bugs, the SCT is endlessly entertaining. Something new around ever corner.

I’ve got one big chunk of the SCT left to do – the Troubridge Trudge (41km for me). I plan to do that in October or November one year to see if the bugs are hibernating.

day 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Sunshine Coast Trail information page

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