documentary – Sunshine Coast Trail, B.C.

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Nearby West Coast Trail is the best hike in the world. Right?

The SCT is the latest of a number of WCT alternatives. And it’s an excellent alternative. Be aware that “Sunshine Coast” is the name of the region. Not much of the SCT is on the coast. It’s almost entirely inland.


  • the best jumping off point for the SCT is Powell River, close to Vancouver B.C.
  • the Sunshine Coast is less rainy than the rest of the lower mainland, but can still be very wet
  • up to 180km (112mi)
  • possible to hike hut to hut without carrying a tent
  • 12 huts “first-come, first-sleep”. Each can accommodate at least 12 hikers. More huts are being added.
  • Canada’s longest hut to hut hiking trail
  • NO permits or reservation required
  • free 🙂
  • it’s considered B.C.’s hidden gem of hiking routes. Many have not yet heard of this adventure.
  • we recommend you carry a tent as a back-up. There are many scenarios which might cause you not to reach the next hut on any given day.

Read more on our Sunshine Coast Trail information page.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer for a new Sunshine Coast Trail documentary on Vimeo.

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