trek to Choquequirao, Peru

Hal Amen:

RESTORATION OF this small Incan city only began in the ’90s. The first visitors had to cross the Apurímac River via a rope bridge to reach it.

During a typical afternoon at Machu Picchu, you’ll be one among 2,500. At Choquequirao, you might see six or seven other visitors.

While the ruins currently sit under the radar, they won’t stay there forever. The regional government is investing $50 million into a cable car project that could get you to this site in 15 minutes intead of the current four-day trek. As early as 2016, there might be around 3,000 people visiting choquequirao per day. Consider yourself warned — get there now. …


The photo Hal used to top his article is besthike editor Rick McCharles from 2005.

Rick McCharles Choquequirao

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