1001 Walks you must take before you die

Published 2015.

1001 WalksAt 960 pages this hard cover coffee table publication looks impressive. But it’s ultimately fairly useless for the serious hiker.

All 1000 hikes get 2-3 paragraphs whether a 10 minute climb up the Cologne Cathedral. Or the 14,000mi (23,000km) Trans-Canada Trail.

There are few links or references.

It’s grouped in these sections:

Coastal & Shoreline

Two index sections are valuable:

Walks by Country
Walks by Distance

The longer walks selected are good. The authors do know hiking. But with 1000 chosen, it would be difficult to miss the best of the best.

They did somehow miss a couple of our top 10:

#4) Ausangate Circuit, Peru

#5) Sunshine to Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada

You can give this 1001 book a miss.

Or … skim it for inspiration. Some of the photos are wonderful.


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