Rainbow Mountains – Ausangate, Peru?

Question from site editor Rick McCharles …

The Ausangate Circuit is one of our top 10 hikes of the world.

I was there in 2005.

Back then we’d never even heard of the nearby #Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains.

Rainbow Mountains Peru

More photos.

Leave a comment if you know of how to get there independently from Tinqui. I may be able to hike it in 2016. Thanks.

11 Replies to “Rainbow Mountains – Ausangate, Peru?”

  1. I left a comment your Ausangate page, but just saw you wanted instructions to get to the Rainbow mountains from Tinqui in the comments here.

    I have GPS mapping and suggested routes in my trip report of our Peru trip coming off the Ausangate circuit. It is under the section Ausangate: Impressions on this page. http://traveltowalk.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/trip-report-cusco-region-in-peru-june-2016/

    If you want to just go to the Rainbow Mountains without going through Ausangate, it is easier to get to the town of Pitumarca and take a taxi (about 30km) to the trailhead near the town of Chillca. Here is where the trailhead is: https://goo.gl/maps/G4qPJZPRmmC2

    There are also many tour group in Cusco that does day trips here. They tend to get there around 10am, so go earlier if you want seclusion.

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