Italy – Gran Paradiso: step into Paradise!

Guest post by mountain guide Roberto Calcagno:

I have been hiking Gran Paradiso National Park since I was 3yrs-old. My parents brought me there 3 months each season, my favourite time of the year. In Gran Paradiso I discovered my passion for the mountains and for nature in general.

After 30 years traveling around the world, exploring many other amazing destinations – including the Himalayas, Andes, Pamir, Andaman Sea – I had to conclude there is no place like home.  Gran Paradiso National Park is my favourite place in the world.

Gran Paradiso was the first National Park in Italy and is today the largest. Cogne village is near the heart of this magnificent region. From Cogne there are hundreds of hikes and climbs. The mountains are rugged. Though there are many trails, most of the mountain valley crossings are challenging. Hikers need alpine experience.

Gran Paradiso National Park is two hours far from Turin and 3 hours from Milan, in the top north west corner of Italy.

Gran Pariso

The mountain environment is stunning with glaciers, alpine lakes and plenty of wildlife including ibexes, chamois, marmot and golden eagles.

Chamois DSC03142 DSC02412

Accommodation of all kinds are available: campsites to 4 star hotels. Food here is heavy but amazing with mountain cheese and typical rice and polenta dishes. Delicious food is just one of hundreds of reasons to come to visit this gorgeous park.

gran paradiso trek DSC00914


Roberto Calcagno was born in Turin, Italy. He is 30 years old, formerly a Telecommunication Engineer who studied and lived in both Chile and Thailand. He’s always loved Nature, especially the Alps. Roberto switched jobs some years ago to follow his passion and become a hiking guide. Today he’s the owner of Contact Roberto via that link if you are interested in hiking these mountains.

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