walking to the Banff Film Festival

Kraig Becker:

A few years back, British adventurers Leon McCarron and Alastair Humphreys make an epic journey on foot through the Empty Quarter on the Arabian Peninsula. They made a film about their adventure that was later accepted into the Banff Film Festival. The boys were so excited about this turn of events, that they decided to fly to Canada to attend the premiere of their documentary. But in true adventurous style, they didn’t just want to hop a bus from the airport to Banff, but instead decided to travel their on foot. This short film takes us along with them on that journey …

Video: West on Deerfoot with Leon McCarron and Alastair Humphreys

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Love it. … But living in Calgary, I have to tell you that the Deerfoot Trail runs north/south. The lads did not walk west on that section. 🙂

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