best day hike out of Granada, Spain

The hanging bridges of Los Cahorros Monachil.

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Millions of tourists visit Granada, Spain in any given year. Very few of those make their way to this adventure.


John Kramer for Spain Holiday:

Monachil is a tiny village situated only 8 kilometres from the centre of Granada. Despite its proximity, it remains a place that is relatively undiscovered by mass tourism. The boundaries of the province of Monachil are fairly extensive and include several peaks over 3000m, including Europe’s most southerly ski station – Pradollano, Sierra Nevada.

The impressive Los Cahorros gorge is situated 2 kilometres from the sleepy village centre. Until very recently, the gorge was only really known and appreciated in rock climbing circles, the steep limestone cliffs offering numerous routes for climbers. …

One route in particular, is exceptionally beautiful. And suitable for families. A walk alongside and through the Rio Monachil – the Monachil river.

Unbeatable views, waterfalls, plenty of rock pools for swimming, narrow caves and tunnels that you have to crawl through or hang off the rock face, walking alongside acequias that date back to Moorish times and, of course, the famous hanging bridges.

The hike takes you through some spectacular Andalucian countryside. …

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I did the 15 Euro guided hike out of Oasis Hostel. Very popular with the young people.


This dog has joined the Oasis walkers every trip for 6 years!


It’s all gorgeous. But the highlight are the waterfalls.



Highly recommended for all visitors to Granada. You can do it on your own via city bus for free.

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