hike to Hunlen Falls, B.C.

Breathtaking is the only word that can remotely describe the beauty of Hunlen Falls in remote Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in the West Chilcotin area of British Columbia.


But almost no one has ever heard of Hunlen Falls – and nor do they realize that these waterfalls are Canada’s third highest – plunging 1,316 feet (401 meters). In fact they are the highest waterfalls in Canada IF you measure as a continuous unbroken drop. …

The best way to see Hunlen Falls is via floatplane. It’s a twenty minute flight from Nimpo Lake. If you have time, you can land on Turner Lake and take the one kilometer trail to the lookout.

Alternatively you can hike to Hunlen Falls. …

… 16.4 kilometers one way with a vertical raise of 800 meters (2625 feet). It’s a great trail if you like counting switchbacks. There are 78 of them.
Plan to take 6-9 hours one way …

Canada’s 3rd Highest Waterfall – Breathtaking Hunlen Falls in BC


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