Editors’ Choice Awards 2015: Jetboil MiniMo

I did a lousy job packing for 2 weeks in the Colorado Rockies. In fact, I accidentally left behind at home my beloved MSR Reactor stove. 😦

I made a stop at REI to purchase a second Reactor – but they were out of stock. The best alternative available was the MiniMo.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The MiniMo upends what we thought we knew about “personal cook systems,” the integrated stove/pot design that Jetboil pioneered in 2004. Like its predecessors, the MiniMo has lightning-fast boil times (it averaged 2 minutes and 21 seconds for 20 ounces at room temp in our controlled test) and efficient fuel consumption (expect about 9 liters of boiled water for a 3.5-ounce fuel canister). But, unlike all its predecessors, it can actually simmer …


I disliked my original Jetboil finding it dangerous. If something boiled over (as it often does) it was difficult to remove pot from flame. And your hand was scalded if you tried to turn off the flame.

But I have to admit, the MiniMo is a huge improvement. Almost as good as the Reactor.

It’s compact with many nifty features.

Outside’s Gear Guy reviewed it – What’s the Best Lightweight Backpacking Stove?

I wonder how long the auto-igniter will continue to work. Piezo ignition has problems above 8,000 feet.

It’s not easy to use a lighter on the MiniMo.

And it truly is lousy in the wind.

But as of now I’ll pack the MiniMo in preference to my old Reactor. Let’s see how long that lasts. 🙂

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