Colorado Trail – Silverton to Durango – day 2

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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Lime Creek – Straight Creek

Good morning. Blue sky. DSCN1975 DSCN1974Life is great in the Rockies when the weather is clear. DSCN1977 DSCN1976This marmot seemed to be questioning my good mood. What does he know?DSCN1979The wildflowers are fantastic in July. DSCN1992 DSCN1980Vistas wide open. Much of this hike is above the treeline. DSCN1983Clear mountain streams burble. DSCN1988There’s a little bit of snow left on north facing slopes. But not much. DSCN1990These ladies had an ideal campsite under the full moon. They were hiking about 10 miles / day. No rush. DSCN1991I was one happy hiker, myself. DSCN1994I snacked on raisin min-bagels and extra sharp cheddar cheese. DSCN1998Lovin’ it. DSCN2000 DSCN2014Here’s the weirdest geological anomaly.

Lizard Head Peak.
Lizard Head Peak.

On the downside you must share this paradise with car campers.
DSCN2026One group couldn’t be bothered to drive out their trash. 😦
DSCN2025Horseback travellers are cool, though. DSCN2033 DSCN2036As usual, the skies darkened in the afternoon. DSCN2048I wanted to cross Blackhawk Pass before stopping for the day. DSCN2055Here it is … I thought at the time. DSCN2054Nope. The real Blackhawk Pass (11,985ft) was far, far more challenging. I wasn’t sure I’d actually make it before the weather closed on me.

photo by Scott Morris
photo by Scott Morris

DSCN2058When I finally crossed and found water, there was no campsite. I went off-trail to the creek and set up my tent on the upslope side of a large tree, one of the few possible places to set up on a steep slope. DSCN2059It was fairly flat … after I propped up one corner on rocks. DSCN2060more high resolution photos of day 2

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