my hiking gear 2005

Oh my GOD.

I stumbled on to this old packing list from a hiking trip to South America in 2005. How embarrassing. Today I’d take less than half that stuff. And it would weigh about 1/3 as much. ____

For South America I am taking two packs (one 7 pounds, one 3.5 pounds) so I have options. To hike with the light pack I try to get down to 21 pounds plus food. When not hiking the light one is my day pack. Lightweight pack & accessories for hiking (optional items in red)

  • MSR Hubba 1-man tent
  • passport case, passport, birth certificate, yellow international certificate of vaccination
  • first-aid kit (Coghlan’s Trek II from MEC $15)
  • pack = Granite Gear Nimbus Latitude 3800 T-PEX (smoke blue) 3.5 pounds, US$200
  • pack rain cover = MEC large (no extra large available)
  • 3-4 stuff sacs (10-15 litre Seal Line kayak Kodiac Window with purge valves) for food and clothes
  • 2 small stuff sacs made of silicone injected nylon
  • small mesh stuff sacs
  • ziplocs bags of various sizes
  • clear large trash bags (strong bag with closure)
  • flashlight = Petzl Tikka
  • spare flashlight = Petzl Tikka & batteries
  • Camera = Kodak easyshare cx7300 with 256 meg card, extra batteries
  • fanny pack with Elura 60 camcorder, extra battery & tape
  • Rio Cali 1.256 Mb flash MP3 player, extra batteries
  • Swiss Army knife, Swiss Champ
  • Emergency money = US$50
  • 2 pair Dunham waffle stomper approach shoes & extra laces
  • down vest MEC Tremblant 575 large (compress to make a pillow)
  • 4 pairs of identical black socks (Wright Double Layer Running)
  • 1 pair underwear
  • 1 Speedo bathing suit
  • 1 pair MEC running shorts (double as underwear), … and/or new 2005 North Face Flight Trail Short
  • 1 Patagonia capelene t-shirt
  • 1 Nike dryfit t-shirt
  • 1 pair MEC quickdry pants, unlined nylon
  • 1 pair thin fleece pants
  • 1 MEC thin polartec check fleece long sleeve top
  • 1 light fleece vest
  • Marmot Precip Gore-Tex rain jacket C$100
  • Sugoi MicroFine Corsa bike jacket C$60
  • gloves, thin (C$18 Polartec power stretch MEC)
  • bandanas
  • ball cap for protection from the sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Fleece cap (or touque)
  • metal spoon
  • GSI 32 fl. oz. “boiler” pot and 20 fl. oz. mug pot (anodized aluminium)
  • 2 stoves, ultra lightweight
  • Dish wash bandana
  • Pot scrubbing “tuffy” pad
  • lighters
  • toilet paper, alcohol gel, lighter in ziplock bag
  • Sleeping Bag Mountain Hardware Phantom down +32F “blackberry” (regular size) US$200
  • Ultralight therm-a-rest = 1 pound, the lightest they make, three quarter length
  • Sea to Summit (Aussie) “Silk Traveller” sleeping bag liner with pillow insert (teal colour) US$60
  • Quixote pillow 550 fill goose down (fleece vest pillow instead)
  • Silva Tool 625 (compass, whistle, thermometer) US$10 and extra
  • wooden hand fishing reel, line & trout lures
  • Biodegradable laundry soap
  • tiny hotel shampoo bottles
  • Light weight nylon laundry line
  • Plastic clothes pegs
  • Katadyn water filter $180 & …
  • GSI H2O wide mouth 1 litre water bottle
  • plastic coke bottle (as second bottle)
  • water bag (10 litre)
  • Katadyn Micropur tablets for emergency water purificatioin
  • mini Toothbrush & small tubes of paste
  • small mirror (emergency reflector)
  • Dental floss
  • Lip balm with SPF 15+
  • Sun screen SPF 15+
  • Insect repellent with DEET (BEN’S 30%)
  • comb
  • Nail clippers
  • sunglasses
  • Note pad & pens
  • Paperback novel(s)
  • Map
  • Wrist watch
  • Guide book (or photocopied pages)
  • (Compass)
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Werthers hard candies
  • smarties or M & Ms
  • salt & pepper shaker
  • small containers for spices, etc.
  • new 2005 bear vault food cannister (2.5 pounds)

Main pack (North Face) left back at the hostel for storage with items not taken on the hike, including:

  • huge duffle bag with small combo lock
  • second combo lock for hostels
  • flashlight extra bulb, extra batteries
  • (KEEN sandals)
  • mini-gifts for kids
  • clothing to donate
  • electric razor
  • Repair kit
    • Tent repair kit
    • (Therm-A-Rest repair kit)
    • Parachute cord (replacement shoe laces)
    • Duct tape
    • (Sewing kit)
    • (Heavy-duty needles or awl & thread)
    • (Large locking safety pins)
    • (Rip-stop nylon patches)
    • (Rip-stop tape)
    • (Wire)
    • (Dental floss)
    • (Nylon twine)
    • (hose clamp, for splinting)
    • (spare buckles for pack)
    • etc
Carrying much of that stuff in the Colca Canyon, Peru
Carrying much of that stuff in the Colca Canyon, Peru

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