Five Passes Route, New Zealand

This Hiking Life:

Distance : 40 miles (64 km)

Avg.Time : 4 or 5 days

Start / Finish: Lake Sylvan car park / Routeburn shelter.

The Five Passes Route is a wilderness tramp (Kiwi speak for ‘hike’ or ‘trek’) that requires good route finding and map reading skills. If you are looking for a well marked, easy to follow trail, you may want to try the nearby Routeburn Track. …

There are no huts, except for the somewhat dilapidated Rock Burn Shelter, situated a few kilometres north of Lake Sylvan car park.

There are rock bivvies at Beans Burn, Olivine Ledge, Parks Pass and Theatre Flats. See Moir’s Guide for details of exact locations. The Beans Burn and Parks Pass bivvies are the pick of the bunch.

It is possible to spend all of your nights under the rock bivvies, however considering the challenging terrain and unpredictable nature of the weather, you would be wise to bring your own shelter.

A challenging trek for experienced hikers only. Scenically stunning from start to finish. …

The Hiking LifeFive Passes Route


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