10 Backpacking Gear Myths

1. Two people can fit in a 2 person tent.
2. You’ll sleep warmer if you sleep naked in a sleeping bag.
3. You need to wear hiking boots to go backpacking.
4. You need a backpack rain cover to hike in the rain.
5. You need a tent footprint to protect the floor of your tent.
6. Waterproof breathable rain jackets are breathable.
7. You need a 4 season tent to camp in winter.
8. Biodegradable soap is ok to wash with in streams and ponds.
9. Waterproof hiking boots will keep your feet dry.
10. You don’t need to carry maps and a compass because you have a GPS.

Section Hiker

Yep. I agree with all 10.

I carry a 1-man 3-season tent. (Hubba). No pack cover. No footprint. No GPS.

I never sleep naked (in my 1-man tent). Wear approach shoes everywhere.

AND I’ve always called Gortex the “fabric of deceit”. 🙂

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