1 thought on “ever seen a wolverine?

  1. Yes, we came face to face with one in Glacier NP not far from Granite Park chalet. He was actually scaling UP the rather steep mountain that our trail was skirting. He was perhaps 100 feet from my wife and I when he turned onto the trail towards us. When he saw us he stopped cold and gave a hiss sort of noise. We backed away slowly though he was still 50+ feet. It felt like a long time but I’m sure it was just a second or two when he started back up the mountain side. We did manage to snap a photo but he was very tiny in it. He proceeded over a small bluff and the rest of our group (which has fallen a bit behind) saw him on the other side though he was quite far from them at that point,
    I remember the caretaker at Granite Park was very jealous saying he’d been there many years and never seen one.

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