Republicans hate hikers

That’s what I assumed after seeing the American Senate vote on this:

Amendment SA 838 was introduced to allow states to take over, transfer and sell public, federal lands, including National Forests, wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas.

The vote was purely symbolic — budget amendments carry no weight of law. But senators use the opportunity to bring attention to favored political issues and compel colleagues to take a stance on major debates.

For outdoors enthusiasts, it is a wake-up call. There are many interests trying to get their hands on your public lands, and our elected officials may be willing to sell. …

Gear Junkie – Senate Vote: Amendment Sanctions Sale Of National Forests, Public Land

Democrats voted against.

To be fair, 3 Republicans — Corey Gardner of Colorado, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee crossed the aisle in opposition.

Those 3 are still welcome to sit around my campfire.

Americans who love wilderness should vote against Republicans.

Vote against Republican candidate Taylor HayesFracking Old Faithful? Republicans Want to Tap Our National Parks for Energy

Vote against Rep. Don Young, a Republican from Alaska. He introduced the “No More National Parks” bill.


Tell Congress: Reject the “No More National Parks” Bill

One Reply to “Republicans hate hikers”

  1. READ THE AMENDMENT FOR YOURSELF. First to not know the difference in a national park and a national forest is amusing to me, but the concept that “big government can effectively manage land better than those who’s backyards it rests it in” ridiculous. I think it is an excellent question to ask “what protections does a land lose becoming a state forest” but thinking someone with a almost 19 trillion dollar debt can manage land better than someone without a debt is plain stupid.

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