Bale Mountains National Park treks

Ethiopia. Guided.

Nominated in 2009 to the World Heritage Tentative List, Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP) is a national park in Ethiopia with one of the highest incidences of animal endemicity of any terrestrial habitat in the world. …

Bale Mountains National Park is open year-round although the most popular time to visit is November through April when the rains have stopped. The Park can be reached by private car or public transportation from Addis Ababa. Visitors may choose to trek throughout the Park either by horseback or on foot, or alternatively to visit the Park entirely by car. Treks range from one to 12 nights and travel through all the different ecosystems of the Park. …


Download the FREE Park guide (PDF):

Treks range from 3,000m to above 4,000m altitude. Explore all habitats of the Bale Mountains National Park as you trek across the home of the Ethiopian wolf, mountain nyala, giant molerat and Bale monkey. Experience stunning Afroalpine mountains and natural scenery while heading deep into the heart of the Sanetti plateau – a floating land.

Explore vast moorland and discover Afroalpine plants as you camp in the wilderness. Hike amongst rock pinnacles etched out of the lava flows by millions of years of ice and winds, and pass waterfalls and alpine lakes. Camping in the Harenna forest may reward you with a sighting of the elusive animals that live there. Wildlife that can be seen along the way includes the olive baboon, warthog, rock hyrax, Starck’s hare, klipspringer, grey duiker, African wild dog, giant forest hog, leopard, lion and birds of prey. …


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    Bale Mountains National Park the best kept secret of Ethiopia. Special the southern part of the park Sanetti plateau. It is an extensive plateau where Tullu Deemtu is found. The plateau is austere in its beauty, almost lunar. Warm clothes and a waterproof jacket are required as it can be chilly as a result of the strong wind blows. As ascending either side from Goba or Delo Mena to the plateau, discovering vegetation variation with altitude is a rewarding experience. On the Sanetti plateau Ethiopian wolves and rodents including the giant molerat can be seen. Wattles cranes can also be seen in this area. Another magnificent sighting on the plateau is its pigmented alpine lakes. The summit of Tullu Deemtu (4,377m) is accessible by road, and from this top the full extent of the Afroalpine ecosystem, including Herenna escarpment can be clearly observed.

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