Makalu Base Camp 2015?

For my 6th trip to Nepal, where should I hike?

Dolpo? Mustang? Kanchenjunga?

So far I’m leaning towards Makalu. You can fly to the start, avoiding horrendous overland travel. 🙂

Known for its rural farming villages and a diversity of flora and fauna, the area receives few trekkers due to its relative inaccessibility.


Starting at 400m in Tumlingtar along the banks of the Arun River, you’ll need strong legs to carry you for an elevation gain of 5120m to reach Makalu Base Camp. A rustic teahouse trek (don’t expect deep-fried snickers bars), you’ll find yourself at the foot of Mt. Makalau (8485m), the world’s 5th highest mountain, with Lhotse (8,516m), Everest (8,850m), Baruntse (7,220m) and Chamlang (7,319m) not far off.

It is a culturally rich perspective on Nepal best suited for people who have been trekking in Nepal before.

Trekking Partners

Makalu Base Camp

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