Lagunas Altas Loop, Patagonia National Park

Lagunas Altas, the first major trail constructed at the future Patagonia National Park, offer a challenging day hike or overnight. The 23-km route offers spectacular views in all directions, from the Northern Patagonian Ice Field to the Jeinimeni Mountains. …

Lagunas AltaEstablishing the Lagunas Altas Trail

lakesHow to get there.

Nat Park

Arriving from the north (Santiago/Puerto Montt)

The easiest way to reach the park is to fly to Balmaceda Airport (Coyaique); LAN ( and SKY ( both operate flights to Balmaceda from Santiago and Puerto Montt. Buses also arrive in Coyhaique from points north.

To reach the park from Balmaceda or Coyhaique, drive or take a bus south on the Carretera Austral (route 7). You can rent a car at the Balmaceda airport or in Coyhaique, or catch a bus south in Coyhaique. Three bus companies offer service south from Coyhaique: Buses Don Carlos, Acuario 13, and Buses Sao Paulo. Between the three companies, there’s usually one bus leaving every morning during the high season, around 9 am. Tickets cost ~$20 USD. …

how to get there


Where to Stay

Conservation Patagonia

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