on Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

ramblin’ boy:

The Tibetan belief is that  the winds blow the positive energy of the prayers and chants imprinted on the flags into the world- and into all sentient beings they touch.  As a result you’ll usually see the flags strung in high places where they can have maximum effect.

view from the top of Kala Patthar above Everest Base Camp
view from the top of Kala Patthar above Everest Base Camp

… a collection of my pix with prayer flags in them. Most are taken from hikes in the Annapurna and Khumbu region of Nepal, but you’ll also find flags fluttering in Patagonia, near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, above the heads of chanting monks in Bohd Gaya in India, in the Christiania area of Copenhagen in Denmark, and in my neighbourhood above the eastern banks of the Don River in Toronto. …

ramblin’ boy – Blowin’ In the Wind: An Appreciation of Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

ramblin’ boy is an excellent hiking blogger. I’m working my way back through all his old posts. 🙂

2 Replies to “on Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags”

  1. The prayer flags stands for good wish of Tibetans. You can see it every where, such as in monastery, lake shore, mountain. If you go to mount everest, you will also see the waving flags hanging on the EBC.

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