hiking Sargent Mountain, Acadia

I’d planned to hike Giant Slide Trail & Grandgent to Sargent Mountain based on this list of best hikes in Acadia National Park.

Without hiking guidebook or map, Acadia trails can be confusing.


There are many, many ways to get to the top of Sargent. (also spelled Sargeant)

My particular route was pretty.



By luck, I happened upon a Ranger who recommended Sargent Mountain via Sargent Ridge.


Soon after, I zigged instead of zagged.

And was off on another trail instead.

1 thought on “hiking Sargent Mountain, Acadia

  1. We had an amazing hike today from Jordan house lake area, up to Penobscot peak and on to Seargenet peak and then back via the cliff trail east to a trail along Jordan pond…south…on the boardwalk..total of 5 miles..took us about 3.25 hours…but i stopped a lot to take pics cause i was sooo over the moon about the beauty i saw everywhere. Great fall colors…amazing views all along the way…the hike to Penobscot is a must do, if you asked me! First time to this sweet park and a guy at the visitors center recc. this one…and it did NOT dissapoint. highly reccomened. Silly us…forgot our hiking boots and and made it
    in sneakers…but hiking boots would be so much better. Happy trails…
    Kate & Neil from OMaha, NE

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