fatal Black Bear attack

Northern Alberta.

A 36-year-old Suncor worker was coming out of a washroom Wednesday afternoon when a black bear attacked and killed her, as several co-workers tried to intervene and scare the animal away.

Family have identified the worker killed at the oilsands site near Fort McMurray as Lorna Weafer, an instrument technician. …


Seven people were working in a group area when the bear attacked the woman and dragged her off …

… co-workers blasted air horns to scare the male bear away. They were not carrying bear spray, Suncor said. …

“We don’t know why this happened and that’s why it’s so important we conduct a full investigation,” Seetal said.

A bear response team made up of Fish and Wildlife officers is investigating, and Occupational Health and Safety will also complete an investigation. …

Co-workers tried to save woman during fatal bear attack at Suncor site

Bears normally do not attack groups of people. Sounds like she was alone exiting the washroom.

This is the third work fatality in four months at the Suncor site.

Bears aren’t the only problem up there. 😦

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