West Coast Trail day 2

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

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To catch low tide we were up and moving as early as possible.


Of tidal pool creatures, I love starfish best.



Fishing was lousy out of Port Alberni in 2013. But there were plenty of Sport fishing boats off the WCT.

This is the water taxi bringing yet another group of hikers from Port Renfrew to the trailhead at Bamfield.


Some of our group had seen a bear off our night 1 campsite. Rare on the WCT. That one had been attracted to the coast by washed up dead dolphins. The most common prints are mink.


The WCT is the called the shipwreck coast for good reason.


I stopped by the First Nations Trail Guardian cabin to thank the guys for taking in my friend Greg Kolodziejzyk the year before. At risk of hypothermia during a non-stop WCT trail run, Greg took refuge here for a few hours.


Boardwalk sections are better than ever.

Donkey Engine

Donkey Engine

Still, sections of boardwalk are rotted and/or collapsed.



Some who’ve never done the WCT wonder why BestHike.com calls the WCT the BEST hike in the world.




It’s the VARIETY. Every step offers up a wonderful new vista.

The many cable cars are a thrill.


Climbing ladders with full pack, a challenge.


We carried a good first aid kit, of course. About 1 of every 100 hikers is evacuated due to injury.


How do you beat campsites like this? šŸ™‚


Normally windy on the beach, I prevent Maytagging by putting smooth stones inside my tent.


We camped at famed Tsusiat.


Taking a plunge while reaching for the waterfall, I seized the opportunity to wash clothing and body.

Living this close together, the ladies insisted on some standards of personal hygiene. šŸ™‚


One of the biggest motivations for the trip was to show the West Coast Trail to some young people. Teegan thought it was pretty cool.




more photos from this day

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