Manaslu Circuit – day 10

by site editor Rick McCharles

In a rush to get clear of the Manaslu Circuit, we opted for a long, easy day from Bimtang 3720mto Dharapai 1850m.

I bought “cooked water”. Made my own instant coffee for the morning.


Departing Bimtang, the ground water was frozen. This is still high altitude.


Plunging into a forested section truly meant we were coming down.


No longer fired by adrenaline, our minor aches and illnesses seemed to become more acute.

My stomach was bad. Betsy’s was worse.


Soon, however, we were sweating as we hadn’t done in days.


We stopped for lunch at a lovely new place.


Turned out service was slow. Food lousy.

Motivation was low too. As we plodded downhill.


I had about as much enthusiasm as the mules we traipsed behind.


Seems to me there will be no road built any time soon on this side of the Manaslu Circuit. It’s a very rugged canyon.


After 7hrs of walking we rolled into Dharapani on the Annapurna Circuit.

We all enjoyed a hot shower. One last dinner together. …

… But early next morning it was time to say goodbye.


Tasha and Ivan were headed for the Everest Base Camp trek.


Brion and Betsy planned to get a very nice room and luxuriate in the last couple of days of their honeymoon.


Everyone rushed away. Except me.

I stayed to continue the trek solo, ascending on the Annapurna Circuit. 🙂

see high resolution photos from this day on flickr


Interested to trek the Manaslu Circuit yourself one day? The best starting point is our Manaslu information page.

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