Manaslu Circuit – day 7

by site editor Rick McCharles

Above 3000m guides are constantly monitoring your health. Head ache? Stomach? Fatigue?

ImagineTreks_Manaslu_profileMike and I felt fine at Sama 3530m, our rest day, so our typically over-cautious guide let us go without him on an acclimatization hike up on to the Manaslu Base Camp trail.

Before departing, we had some excitement in town. A chopper landed to pick up 4 hikers. They all looked healthy to me. Perhaps they’d run out of time waiting for the Pass to open.



Cost for a helicopter evacuation is between $4,000 – $8,000.

Yes. It’s a good idea to have insurance.

The weather was gorgeous for November. Very little wind.


En route to the Base Camp trail we came upon this memorial.


Avalanche at Camp 3 at 4:45am, 7000m 😦

There were 231 climbers and support team on the mountain at the time.

One reason to trek rather than climb the Himalayas.

We saw ladies from Samo collecting dried Yak dung as fuel, the only time I saw them collecting anything but dead fall wood.


The mountain is awesome.

P1250293Mike’s a photographer. And got some great light this day.


Manaslu Base Camp is at about 4400m. We climbed most of the way, picking out a nice spot for lunch.


The view down on to the glacial lake. That’s Sama in the distance.


Descending we opted to bushwhack down to the water.


Yaks were relaxing on the shore.

yaks on the beach

Later we learned that Tasha had swum the icy waters. … She is from Alaska. 🙂


It seemed — from here — logical to bushwhack up the ridge to the monastery.

That didn’t work out so well. We ended up stranded on a knife edge moraine ridge.

It was back to town to recharge our batteries. Literally. And figuratively. We wanted to be sure our cameras were working when we got to the highpoint of the trek.


Many seemed to be having trouble with their solar recharging. I’m not sure that technology is worth the trouble, as yet.


Good night.

The crux of the adventure would roll out over the next 36hrs. One way or the other.

The good news … We heard the Pass had reopened.

see high resolution photos from this day on flickr

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