Everest Estate disaster

by site editor Rick McCharles

Colonel Sir George Everest (July 4, 1790 — December 1, 1866) was a Welsh surveyor and geographer, and the Surveyor General of India from 1830 through 1843.

GeorgeEverestEverest was largely responsible for completing the Great Trigonometric Survey of India along the meridian arc from southern India extending north to Nepal, a distance of about 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi). …

Many consider the Trigonometric Survey one of the greatest accomplishments of man.

He was a “humourless individual having the knack of putting everyone’s back up. But since he was a genius, his antisocial habits have been glossed over.”

– Trekking Holidays in India

He did not want Chomolungma to be named for himself. George might never have seen Everest. And had no interest in it. After all, he was Surveyor General of India. The world’s highest peak is on the Tibet / Nepal border.

Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, also known as the Park Estate, is situated about 6 kilometres (4 mi) from the Mall in Mussoorie.


… The house is situated in a place from where one can catch the panoramic view of Doon Valley on one side and a panoramic view of the Aglar River valley and the snowbound Himalayan ranges on the other.

The house is under the jurisdiction of the Archeological Survey of India and has been long neglected. …


… The floor is littered with bricks, stones and cow dung. The house is also used as shelter from rain and snow by the cows, goats and horses from the nearby village. Its walls are covered with graffiti, which are mostly declarations of love. …


Day hiking (part of the Benog Tibba Circuit) to visit his former Estate, I bumped into a Christian evangelist, Ray Eicher, whose family have lived in India for generations. He set me in the right direction, in a couple of ways.

Everest Estate, Mussoorie-4

Everest Estate, Mussoorie

Everest Estate, Mussoorie-2

Everest Estate, Mussoorie-3

more of my photos

more Everest Estate photos

This kind of neglect of historical monuments is typical in India. My evangelist friend, who lives nearby, is sorely disappointed.

The historic Clock Tower in Mussoorie was recently torn down. At this point, plans to rebuild are stalled.


…. Sir George Everest’s surname is pronounced … Eve-rest with “Eve” pronounced as in the woman’s name. …

One Reply to “Everest Estate disaster”

  1. Yes its such a shame about Park Estate. My grandfather used to own it and my mother and her siblings were all raised in that once beautiful house. They had many servants and gamekeepers on the estate. But family squabbles and living beyond ones means meant they had to sell…
    Such a shame. I would love to buy the house back and restore it but I doubt that will ever be allowed…..

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