Kuari Pass Trek, India

Of many problematic, imperfect options in the Indian Himalaya (end of October), looks like I will sign on for a guided hike with Red Chilli Adventures out of Rishikesh.

The trek over the Kuari (“doorway“) Pass was the route followed by Shipton and Tilman and other mountaineers en route to the peaks on the Indo-Tibetan border. It is also called the Curzon Trail as the famous former Viceroy of India also traveled this route in 1905.(Some say Curzon abandoned that adventure after being attacked by wild bees.)

Frank Smythe:

We breasted the slope and halted, silent on the path. No words would express our delight. The Himalayas were arrayed before us in a stupendous arc“. (1931)

Dunagiri from Kuari Pass

Cost is about $600 for this 8 day itinerary – Kuari Pass (PDF)

Because myself and the other client are not acclimatized to altitude, we’ll start low. Climb up to see the second highest mountain in India, Nandi Devi.

We start Oct 18th. Red Chili is the #1 trekking agency in Rishikesh. This is their #1 trek for international visitors.

Trip reports:
Araib Hasan
• Orange Rucksack

See photos on flickr tagged “Kuari”

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