Dodi Tal and Yamunotri Trek, India

by site editor Rick McCharles

Lonely Planet Trekking in the Indian Himalaya:

Seasoned trekkers will testify that the Himalaya Range of Uttarakhand offers many spectacular opportunities …

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Uttarakhand attracts only a handful of trekkers each season, making it one of the best kept secrets in the Himalaya. …

… Seems to me it’s logistics keeping most away.

It was easy for me to fly to Dehradun, the travel hub of Uttarakhand. Yet to actually get trekking from here is not so easy.

So far I’m leaning towards Dodi Tal and Yamunotri. It’s already late in the season. My first choice — Nanda Devi — is even more logistically challenging.

If you’ve trekked Uttarakhand, and have advice for me, leave a comment.

… bus to Rishikish (1hr)

… bus to Uttarkashi (7hrs)
… bus to Sangam Chatti (1hr)

Dodi Tal and Yamunotri trek to Hanuman Chatti (4 days)

Hanuman Chatti bus to Mussoorie (6hrs)
… bus back to Dehradun (1hr)


I’m even considering guided hikes in Uttarakhand.

Probably less enjoyable, but I’d love somebody else making the travel arrangements.

UPDATE: In the end, I decided on a guided trek to Kuari Pass. MIGHT do Dodi Tal and Yamunotri after I complete Kuari.


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