Deer Park, Olympics WA

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

The incredibly GREAT July weather continues. James and I headed directly up the Deer Park road in Olympic National Park.

We’d heard automobile horror stories … but with good weather in July, most any vehicle could climb the 5400ft from sea level to treeline.


The excellent and unique tenting campground was full, not surprisingly.

tent Deer Park

Rangers had no wood — budget cuts I assume — but many were able to enjoy a campfire.


The 7.45mi Deer Park Trail to Obstruction was still … obstructed. Ice axes were recommended. So — instead — James and I took day hikes in every direction instead.

And it’s lovely in every direction.

We did the obligatory 0.5mi Rainshadow Trail to the top of Blue Mountain. Touristy. But the fantastic vistas made it all worth while.

From there we dashed out on seldom used trail onto two obvious adjacent ridges.


Views don’t get any better than Deer Park …

James Hammock

… unless you savour them from a HAMMOCK.

James Parent recommends you book a hiking holiday to Olympic National Park. 🙂

James mountain

No water is available at Deer Park. Toilets are excellent. No parking “pass” is needed. You can pay on arrival for campsites, first come – first served.

more photos


One thought on “Deer Park, Olympics WA

  1. My backyard…literally! Glad you enjoyed our little corner of the world. I recommend Mt Shueller near Lake Crescent For another great adventure. Less people, tough hike straight up, great views. Can be biked too if you’re a mountain goat.

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