scrambling Moose Peak, WA

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

My FUN adventure in Olympic National Park Washington State.

Obstruction Point
Obstruction Point

You MUST have good weather. Otherwise, stay low. Obstruction Point is already high at 6100ft. The summit of Moose is 6753ft (2058m).

It’s mostly gorgeous alpine meadow ridge walk in the direction of Moose Lake. There was some snow left on the trail on July 4th, but nothing to worry about.


Hikers enjoy the wild flowers this early in the season.


Head on the trail towards Grand Lake, Moose Lake, Grand Pass. It’s about 2mi to the “Grand Valley” trail cut-off, elevation 6450ft.

You’ll know you’re there when you see this TRAIL sign.


Some trip reports found the ridge scramble fairly easy.

ridge scramble

I actually found it challenging. Depends on the route, I guess. I stayed as high on the ridge as possible on the way out. … Took the lower (obvious) easy trail across the scree on the return.

Fantastic views on top, of course. Those are Grand and Moose Lakes below.


I left a Summit Stone.

Summit Stone

LOVE Moose Summit. 🙂

Rick on Moose

Moose is not named after Moose, surprisingly. It’s named after some guy with the last name of MOOSE.

There is no water high in the Olympics. Bring your own. Or melt snow.


• Explore Olympics – Gary Huff – Moose Mountain

• Summit Post – Moose Peak

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