Huayhuash Circuit, Peru

I hiked Huayhuash in 2004. (annotated PHOTOS) It’s my BEST HIKE to date.


I recommend it only to the most experienced and adventurous trekkers.

Much better is a detailed 2010 trip report by ramblin’ boy:


… The satellite image above shows you the mini-range of Huayhuash in the shape of a T; it is about 30 kilometers from one end to the other with six peaks over 6000 meters and a couple of dozen over 5000. It’s like walking in Sagarmatha National Park but without the prayer flags!

Most of the 125-km long trek is on trails above 4000m and above the tree line so you have a very stark mountain scenery. …

Huayhuash map

Our trek began with a ride to the new trail head at Llamac in a mini-bus with room for the seven clients, the two guides and cook and his assistant and a whole lot of tenting equipement and food. …

At Llamac we met the arrieros (muleteers) and their burros, all ten of them. They would carry the bulk of our stuff for us; we would walk with day packs containing rain gear, cameras, and a water bottle. I cannot imagine doing this particular trek unsupported, weighed down by all the things you’d need to bring. …

Huayhuash lakes

read on – The Huayhuash Circuit: South America’s Finest High-Altitude Trek

Those marvelous 15 days cost only $1350 / person. A great deal since they had a larger group.

They did the Circuit plus climbs of two trekking peaks: Pumarinri and Diablo Mudo.


Check our  Huayhuash information page.

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