fatal mountain goat attack 2010

A federal judge has dismissed most of a widow’s claims against the federal government after her husband was killed by a mountain goat while hiking in Olympic National Park

Robert Boardman, 63, of Port Angeles was trying to protect his wife and other hikers when the 370-pound male mountain goat fatally gored him in the thigh on a trail at Klahhane Ridge on Oct. 16, 2010.


The goat is believed to have been one that harassed hikers in the park for years …

The mountain goat then stood over Boardman for about 30 minutes, staring and pawing at the ground, making it impossible for … hikers to reach him, according to park ranger reports of the incident.

Boardman died from blood loss in about five minutes, the reports said. The goat was later shot and killed by a ranger. …

A necropsy on the animal showed it was healthy and in rut for the mating season …

After Boardman’s death, park rangers warned hikers to keep at least 50 yards away from goats and not to urinate on trails.

The park said the urine creates a long salt lick, attracting the animals. …

Federal judge dismisses most lawsuit claims in fatal mountain goat attack in Olympic National Park

Lake Angeles trailhead
Lake Angeles trailhead

Park Rangers have shot aggressive Elk in the past. But this is not typical of mountain goats.

I’m content the law suit was not successful.

This death has changed regulations, however.

… an Olympic National Park ranger operating under new mountain goat management rules shot and killed a mountain goat that had refused to leave a campsite near the park’s Upper Royal Basin for three days. …

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