How Much Does Your Gear Cost Per Use?

Good question.


… How many times are you really going to use that $3,500 bike? The $600 worth of cams. The $800 skis? No, wait, the $850 powder skis. The really fat ones.

The fact is, if you buy a $3,500 mountain bike and ride it 20 times before you talk yourself into buying a new one, you paid $175 per ride. (not counting gas, new parts, tune-ups, replacement tires, chain lube, and all that stuff).

Craigslist is full of ads selling used bikes that have only been ridden “a handful of times.” …


Adventure Journal


3 thoughts on “How Much Does Your Gear Cost Per Use?

  1. The fact is most of my “gear” is priceless. It enables me to escape the confines and hazards of the “sedentary” life and all that “lifestyle” entails. I have found choosing top notch gear, while not necessarily absolutely imperative, does enhance the quality of the experience. My costs per use of my sports/outdoor acoutrments, when compared to money that might have been spent in bars, or “shopping” or any number of less exhilirating pursits, is really quite a bargain.

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