kickstarter – MyKu: Appalachian Trail

I’m Cheryl McCormick and my trail name is Clinker.


My project will be a compilation of photographs and haiku poetry, all created while backpacking solo, 2,187 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail.

Once I return, the National Center for Nature Photography has agreed to a gallery exhibit of both my photographs and haiku poetry, documenting this endeavor in a creative fashion. I am launching this project on my 63rd birthday, April 5, 2013. …


Clinker is looking for $10,000 to pull off this adventure.

41 backers have pledged $3,853 as of my post.

Good luck Clinker. Yours’ is the first kickstarter hiking project I’ve seen.

One Reply to “kickstarter – MyKu: Appalachian Trail”

  1. Rick,
    Thank you for taking an interest in my Appalachian Trail thru-hike project, “Myku: A Shot at Haiku while Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail.”
    I think the reason Kickstarter accepted my project is because of the creative focus on haiku and photography. I have been asked to exhibit these works when I return. I also have a videographer doing small shorts of me getting gear together and writing haiku. I will send more videos from my cell phone while on the trail and he will put together a DVD for me. Then I can do presentations to hopefully inspire others about the natural world, living simply within it, ultralight backpacking,and AT culture.
    I find the creative aspect of the thru-hike more scary than the physical hike but am hoping that my commitment to producing sincere pieces of my experiences for others to share in will keep me emotionally fired to continue the journey while 85% of the others drop out.
    Cheryl McCormick

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