gear for hiking Zion Narrows

Virgin Narrows, Utah is one of the best hikes in the world.

• canyon walk in knee-deep water
• real risk of flash floods
• 1 or 2 days
• 10-12hrs of walking
• 16mi (25.8km)

Tim Miner, Trail Sherpa:

The Essentials

Regardless of your preferences for weight, style, or functionality you will need the following essential gear to tackle the Narrows in Zion:

Dry Bags
Water Shoes
Neoprene socks or Seal Skinz
Dry Pants (early or late seasons)
Walking Stick
Camera and extra battery
Hydration System – bladder, bottles, and filtration system

Gear List for Hiking the Narrows in Zion

Most critical – water shoes. Tim recommends Chaco Tedinho Pros.

If I went again, I’d wear 5-10 CANYONEERS again. With neoprene socks, again. They were perfect for my Narrows trip, perhaps 40% of the time walking in the water.

related – nearby Paria Canyon

3 Replies to “gear for hiking Zion Narrows”

  1. Your recommendation is good. ZAC rents 1,000’s of Canyoneers every season, and there’s no reason to use anything else. I’ve seen people do this with Teva’s, which is idiotic, because you stub your toes on all the rocks underwater.

    It’s WAY easier to do it IAD, as an overnight means schlepping a pile of gear, all of which you have to keep dry, and all of which wants you to fall over when you step on a slippery submerged rock … it’s all downhill, so anyone should be able to do it IAD.

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