North Coast Trail – day 7

Sept 2012 trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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San Josef to Port Hardy

What a shame. It’s over. 😦

Perfect weather on the beach … yet I had to be at the trailhead by 1pm to catch my (prescheduled) Trail Shuttle out.

I tried to enjoy the final few hours, as best I could.

It was time to go.

This had just been left ashore. Is it a Salmon Shark?

Given time, I would have hidden myself above and taken video of whatever scavenger arrived first.

At exactly low tide, the sea stacks were dry. And very pretty.

Accessible by car, families with kids were day tripping to Josef.

I sent them running to see the “shark”. 🙂

I washed up in the estuary. And left the beach.

The signage is great on this adventure. No GPS or compass needed, really. But it would have saved time to have all water sources listed by GPS coordinates .

Cape Scott Trail parking lot.

Obviously, the girls had arrived before me.

We were somewhat stinky after 7days in the wilderness. The girls had swum in Eric Lake, however. Respect.

Unsurprisingly — for me — I found there was no water at the parking area. 😦

… It was another km walk to wash up in a creek. And change clothes.

Our Shuttle arrived, right on schedule. We were only 64km away from civilization!

Doh! We broke down, half way.

Our rescuer was paid in Halibut!

We did make time to visit the famous Shoe Tree.

One of the girls donated some sandals.

Elated to be finished, we chowed down in Port Hardy. I had Halibut & Chips and big waffle cone ice cream.

The girls and I said our farewells.

In bed at the hostel by 7:30pm. Somewhat sick in the stomach. (bad water?) Somewhat exhausted.

I won’t soon forget the North Coast Trail.

more photos

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