Barry on Summit Stones …


I call these “Summit Stones“….. After gathering these small rocks for many years, while out on adventures, I now splash a bit of paint on them and give them back… The musings here are simply about the wonders of adventure and inspiration. It’s all about the importance of giving back and passing forward…..

Barry pays respect to DSD, the philosopher / artist who sends both of us — and many others — Summit Stones. And her good causes:

There is a poignant website, anonymously authored by DSD, called Summit Stones and Adventure Musings. …

On her blog, DSD has developed an extensive list of websites beneath the heading ‘Giving Back and Passing Forward’. (right hand navigation of her home page)

Each of the links in her list is worthy of your time. Some are well-established organizations like World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) , and World Wildlife Fund – Canada. …

Hiking With Barry – Wilderness Adventure – Paying Forward and Giving Back

Follow DSD’s blog – Summit Stones & Adventure Musings…By DSD

And Barry, too. 🙂

I’ll be leaving a Summit Stone in a place of natural beauty today. A highlight of my hike.

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