Kloofing Suicide Gorge, South Africa

Kloofing is an adventure activity that typically involves the descent of a deep ravine or watercourse that may be dry or wet. The defining factor is usually that the ravine is several times deeper than it is wide. All manner of walking, scrambling, climbing, swimming, plunging, jumping, bumslides or abseiling (rappelling) could be involved.

A kloofing trip usually combines hiking with the descent of a watercourse. Some of the more “interesting” kloofing involves long abseils or high jumps into pools from varying heights, up to as high as 20 or more metres (for example the popular ‘Suicide Gorge‘ in South Africa). …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Looks like FUN.

I’d sign on with a guide to ensure safety.

Doh. Two different guiding sites I visited say that these trips are cancelled “due to maintenance”.

Leave a comment if you know different.

Suicide Gorge is the favourite adventure of James Haden. He also likes Table Mountain in South Africa. And Mt Sinai in Egypt.

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